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LDBC brings industry and users together for developing benchmarks whereby the state-of-the-art and advances in graph database technologies can be assessed and directed. For graphic identity we propose the hexagonal shape as the...

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Imagina Paper

"Imagina Paper" (Imagine Paper) is a brand of handcrafted products made with paper and cardboard. We create products, which please us and embellish our day-to-day life. 

Fight with your best weapons

BeHer3 music

Fight with your best weapons is a long-term album, should be no need to rush and should be taken with some time. Every single tune is a way to transmit a bunch of moods and feelings thru the music.

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Catalonia, the homeland of...

Barcelona Activa

Catalonia, the homeland of Barcelona is a practical investment and business guide for chinese companies. It's also a promotion of the arquitecture, art and culture of the city of Barcelona and Catalonia.

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